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Own Your Business Online.

Need help with your website? Trying to change your SEO providers? Call a professional, experienced and responsive team of digital marketing and website developers for the answers you need to make the best decision for your business.

Comprehensive Digital Marketing, Website Development and IT Solutions

We provide a wide range of expert services from website development to server maintenance, ensuring your tech needs are covered.

Digital Audits and IT Consulting

The digital stack of your business is essential. To own, your domain, hosting, online and social profiles, brand channels, etc is the first vital step in any business’ long-term success. Email hosting, CRM, VoiP phone systems, we can work to ensure your business is paying for only what it needs.

Website Design, Development and Support

Need help with your website? A new page or a technical issue, we have you covered. Speak english and we will try and keep it simple to help bring your ideas and goals for your business’ website to the online community.

SEO – Website Strategy and Execution

To be found online, comes down to three core concepts. Be Real, Be Unique, Be Everywhere. We know we are not just posting for Google search today but the search of tomorrow. Original content in a coordinated strategy is key.

Who We Are

DC DiGiTAL PRO is a group of digital marketing professionals, advertising specialists and developers united to provide a premium level of service, seemingly missing in the legal marketing space.

Taking the experience from small to enterprise levels of knowledge to law firm and small business owners across the country.


Speak to a Real person.

Client-First Options, Not Preferred Partners.

We work with service providers in the digital space. There is a fine balance between recommended and requiring clients to use certain software/services simply for a referral fee. If we recommend a product it is the best product for your needs first.

Online Advertising Platforms

We understand it’s a pay to play world, but we believe in putting the goal of our clients’ dollars ahead of any partnership with any advertising platform. We know what the Google Premier Partner means in 2024.

Online Applications, CRMs & Chat Bots

Understand what your business needs from a technology standpoint. Do not get stuck using systems or tools that then become an unnecessary cost or an undo burden when you go to actually, use the product and you have pay walls or a lack of the functionality you payed for in the first place. With our team by yourself, make better, informed decisions with confidence.

Marketing Agencies and Masterminds

It’s sad the state of the marketing industry when you see the crap products some are selling or the mastermind courses that get you nowhere. If you need a rah-rah. We can help but we are also capable to do the actual work your business’ online presence requires to be successful.

Beyond the Doctorate: Achieving the Uncharted with Drew

With Drew by my side, I’ve been able to do things that far exceed the boundaries of what my Doctorate in Marketing had prepared me for.